Welcome To The FSF Homepage

     The Fisheries Survival Fund was established in order to ensure long-term sustainability of the Atlantic sea scallop fishery. FSF participants include the vast majority of full-time Atlantic scallop fishermen from Maine to South Carolina. We work closely with with academic institutions and independent scientific experts to foster cooperative research and to help sustain this fully-rebuilt fishery. FSF also works with the federal government to ensure that the fishery is responsibly managed and well taken care of.

Want To Know More?

     Here on our homepage you can read more about the Fisheries Survival Fund by visiting the about us page. You can also find how to contact us as well as how to become a member and make a donation. Through this site our members recieve up to date, current information about the Fisheries Survival Fund such as latest news and events. Register now, or contact us for more information on how you can become a member.

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